We love to take pictures of our creations.
Please remember that all soaps are custom--so colors and scents can be made to your color scheme, theme, or room.  Sizes cannot be changed.   
Talk with us to see how we can try to accommodate your ideas. 

Always a favorite;  Ducks are solid soap (goat milk, Shea or 3 Butter bases) Colors can be customized this one is traditional color of yellow; Size is 2  1/2 x 2 1/2 inch.  Test it to see if it will float!   

Small heart with lace pattern. Size is  2 1/2 x 2 1/2 inch; Pictured is pink goatsmilk with white lace; sent is love potion.  

Popular design;  Tree can be replaced with heart for Valentine; eggs or bunny  for Easter; strawberry for spring; stars for 4th of July; apples or pumpkins for fall.  Or other small items (like erasers or toys) .  Full 3 oz of soap.  Larger size-- 3 inch long by  1 inch deep.  Custom truck color available. Note: pictured truck is in clear soap to produce bright red color;  other soap bases may effect color.  

3 D sheep soap; solid soap--pictured is custom colors for a client;  Can be made in any soap base and any color;  size: 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 inch  

Various Christmas soaps  

Custom baskets  prices vary based on contents.  

Tin filled with bears--your chioice soap type, colors, or scent.  Each bear for 1 hand wash.  Tin reusable.  Perfect for travel.

Eggs anyone?  True size solid soap egg.  Can have custom writing or image on side of egg.  Perfect for Easter baskets.  

3 D horse soaps.  Delicate  3 inch x 3 inch size.  Colors can be custom.  

Rose--large size; 2 x 2 inches

Can you spot the soap?  Soap bouquets available.  Prices vary based on content.  

Multiple flowers available:  rose buds, roses, carnations, peonies; tulips  

Life sized apple --pictured  is  spiced wine soap base. Size 3 oz approx 3 inch tall and 1 inch deep

Square Goats milk white soap base; leaf is clear base; Leaf can be scented in Apple Jack; Apple Cobbler; Tangerine Spice; Breath Easy; Synergy Mixture; Christmas Wreath; Clinique Happy; Bahama Berry Melon; Dragonblood; Bay Rum; Relaxant; Vanilla sugar Coldwater Men/Women; Oatmeal&Honey; Beach Breezes  Cool Musk; Tea Tree Buttermints; Vanilla Bean Noel; Old Spice; Brown Sugar; 

Pumpkin Patch

Don't see what you're looking for?   Just ask we probably have it. 
Dragon eye soap featured in green
  can also be made in any color or multiple colors; Full size bar-3 by 3 inch 

Don't forget:  we do custom orders.  Size, shape, soap base, color and amounts

Was asked by a customer if we could put business logos onto soap--yes we can!  Perfect to promote your business,  Your business logo; design; specific wording; photos can be imbedded in soap--as long as it is NOT copyrighted; Perfect for wedding/baby showers; customer appreciation; marketing,  Various sizes of bars available; small ( 2 inch by 3  inch) and regular (3 inch by 4 inch); round bar or oval bar

For personal use; for a gift--soap is the best -useful; pretty; smells great! 

Bear--customize color of bow or bear Approx: 2 inches tall by 1 inch depth. 

Perfect for a baby shower favor 

Gnome=  solid soap; hefty fella-5 oz.;
color of cap is  your choice

In the garden:  3 oz of soap
Cameo appearance

strawberry boarder
3 oz of soap
Cameo appearance.

2.5 oz soap 
Goats milk base; scented in strawberry of course! 

Bars of soap in many different scents 

gnome garden

blue cameo; goats milk base; no scent on this one.