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Always a favorite;  Ducks are solid soap (goat milk, Shea or 3 Butter) Colors can be customized;  Size is 2  1/2 x 2 1/2 inch.  Test it to see if it will float!   $3.00 each

Small hearts;  can be custom color or scent.  Size is  2 1/2 x 2 1/2 inch;   $3.00 each  

Popular design;  Tree can be replaced with heart for Valentine; eggs or bunny  for Easter; stars for 4th of July; apples or pumpkins for fall.  Or other small items (like erasers or toys) .  Full 3 oz of soap.  Larger size 3 inch long by  1 inch deep.  Custom truck color available. Note: pictured truck is in clear soap to produce bright red;  other soap bases may effect color.   pictured:  $7.00 each 

3 D sheep soap; solid soap--these were custom made colors for a client;  Can be made in any soap base and any color;  size: 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 inch  $ 5.00 each 

Various Christmas soaps  

Custom baskets  prices vary based on contents.  

Tin filled with bears--your chioice soap type, colors, or scent.  Each bear for 1 hand wash.  Tin reusable.  Perfect for traveling.
$5.00 each

Eggs anyone?  True size solid soap egg.  Can have custom writing or image on side of egg.  Perfect for Easter baskets.  $5.00 each 

3 D horse soaps.  Delicate  3 inch x 3 inch size.  Colors can be custom.  $7.00 each 


Can you spot the soap?  Soap bouquets available.  Prices vary based on content.  

Multiple flowers available:  rose buds, roses, carnations, peonies; tulips  

Scents:  Vanilla Lilac Jasmine rose Clover Lavender Lime Lemon  Lemongrass Orange Ginger Basil Oregano Peppermint Spearmint Pine Cranberry Tahitian Vanilla; Ginger; Tangerine; Baby Powder; Gardenia; Coconut; Beach Coconut;  Pink Grapefruit Lemon Verbena; Tropical Sunrise; Moonlight Path Vanilla & Lavender 

Pumpkin Patch; Hazelnut Toffee; Apple Jack; Apple Cobbler; Tangerine Spice; Breath Easy; Synergy Mixture; Christmas Wreath; Clinique Happy; Bahama Berry Melon; Dragonblood; Bay Rum; Relaxant; Vanilla sugar Coldwater Men/Women; Oatmeal&Honey; Beach Breezes  Cool Musk; Tea Tree Buttermints; Vanilla Bean Noel; Old Spice; Brown Sugar; 

Don't see what you're looking for?   Just ask we probably have it.  

Don't forget:  we do custom orders.  Size, shape, soap base, color and amounts